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Christmasconcert at Grotius

by Jules Luesink 30 Apr 2015 09:49

Christmasconcert 2015

What a great night!

Over 200 Musicians did their best to give the christmas feeling to more than 500 visitors.

The Comenius Christmasconcert. A crossover between Youth and Adults, Amateur and Professionals, and a mixture of European countries who worked together.

The performance of "Vom Himmel hoch da komm Ich her"composed by Max Reger was the official ending of the Dutch part of the Comeniusproject "Musicambassadors". All schools involved in the project, worked together. Even the community sang with us.

2 Local choirs, Lingua e Musica and Landgraafs Mannenkoor St. Joseph (both conducted by musicteachers of Grotius) sang together with the students.

To get an impression of the night. 

Musicambassadors in concert

by Jules Luesink 2 Oct 2014 12:06


Grotius visits Chorwoche day 3

by Jules Luesink 19 May 2014 09:40


Wednesday, 14th May




Today we had rehearsals all day again. We studied on a load of songs again to be sure we can sing them all on the concert on Saturday. After that, we sang also some Dutch songs which were selected by our marvellous music teacher mister Vaessens.  Our friends from Austria loved them. Lunch tasted very good and afterwards we went for a walk in the beautiful nature of Austria. We ran over the hills, like the children in the musical ‘The sound of Music’. The exercising and the fresh air gave us new energy for another rehearsal, homework and a little bit studying.  Lovely miss Henz played a joke with us by telling us we had to go to a meeting in the local church that evening, but we actually went bowling with the Austrian girls.  Mixed teams played against each other, it wasn’t easy, but we had lot’s of fun. (We will have a tour in the beautiful church tomorrow.) After our great teachers came to our room to say good night, we fell in a deep sleep.




Puck and Aniek


Grotius visits Chorwoche day2

by Jules Luesink 19 May 2014 09:39


Tuesday, 13th May




Today after a good night of sleep and lovely breakfast, which was a little too early for our liking, we have started rehearsing at 9:00 AM with the awesome people from Austria. We sang such a beautiful songs which they had picked out and after the first break we studied on the Dutch songs.


Hearing the people from Austria singing those Dutch songs was quite impressive. It almost sounded like Dutch was their native language!


During the afternoon break, which was two hours, we had lunch, we’ve been to the market near our hotel “Freunde der Natur” in Spital am Pyhrn (of course we got lost). We sang random songs in our hotel room, ate candy and talked a lot, and of course we laughed!


After lunch break we had a rehearsal again, which ended after an hour and a half again. At 4:30PM we had a 30 minute break. Unfortunately we had to make homework until dinner.


The food was great, but the best thing of the day was that around 8:30PM the teachers and the students from Austria and we sat together in the hotel restaurant to talk and have fun. There was music, drinks and of course a lot of fun! We sang and danced together with the Austrian students, while the Austrian teacher played Austrian and German folk songs on his accordion. We hope that the rest of the week will be just as fun. Some people have already met the students where they are going to sleep. Not all of us of course, because not all the children would stay in the hotel…


So today was definitely better than yesterday and we hope that it will stay like this.




Pien Brouwers, Yule Brückner, Pola van den Brand and Meike Brouwers


Grotius visits Chorwoche Day1

by Jules Luesink 19 May 2014 09:36


Monday, 12th May


We went on a trip to Salzburg for the Music Ambassadors project for a week. To sing and work abroad together with students of our age (in this case that other country was Austria). We had to be in front of our school in Heerlen at 5:45AM because we had to catch the plain. We went to the Köln-Bonn airport by bus, but when we arrived there we found out that our plain was delayed for 20 minutes. That didn’t interrupt our happy mood though. We arrived at the airport in Salzburg and met Erich Wild, the music teacher of the students in Salzburg. He told us what bus and trains to catch and then left.


We arrived at the train station, but because our plain was delayed we also missed our train. So we had to catch the next one, which would depart in an hour. There was a big shopping though, so we didn’t mind at all.


We caught the train and arrived at the next train station (Bischofshofen). Once we were there we heard that our next train was delayed (the train came from Switserland and there was a big landslip, that crossed the rail track). But once a again there was a shopping over there, so it didn’t bother us at all. Then we caught that train and arrived at the next train station (Selzthal… “one more train to go!!!”).


But because the train from Switserland was delayed we also missed the train we had to catch, so now we needed to catch the next train again.


We figured that we could have fun there nevertheless. But we found out that ended up in the absolute middle of nowhere…


Our teacher though managed to find a café in that ‘giant hole of nothing’, so went there and laughed about the situation. Then we caught the last train and arrived in Salzburg at 7:55PM… that was more than three hours later, but we had fun though.


We arrived at a great hotel and had a great meal, of course the rehearsals of that day were cancelled unfortunately.


I learned from this long and exhausting day that we can have fun anywhere no matter where we are or what weather it is.




Laura Kistemaker


MHSG visit to Heerlen, January 2014

by Jules Luesink 12 Feb 2014 15:55

In January, the Manchester High School for Girls Wind Band was delighted to spend a few days at the Grotius College in Heerlen, sharing wind band music and music-making with our fellow students.

We had a great time and we really enjoyed experiencng school life in Holland and making music together. We gave three performances, two at an open evening and one in a concert performance at the school.

In our first video clip, Mr Aidan Bradley, Director of Music at MHSG, introduces the excerpt from Holst's Suite for Wind Band, which we had chosen to play.  With only a few rehearsals we played the piece together with students from Grotius.  Mr Bradley conducts.



Our trip to Heerlen was a real adventure.  We travelled overnight from Manchester on a super coach.  Of course, we had taken onesies, teddies and snuggly blankets as well as a midnight supper to help us through the journey.  We crossed via the tunnel in the very early morning and watched the sun rise as we sped through northern France on our way to Heerlen.  We arrive at lunchtime and after checking into our hotel and a quick change out of our onesies, we walked up  to school and were soon rehearsing.  That evening, we were playing 'Chariots of Fire' with the Grotius students as part of their open evening for new parents.  It was great fun, although some of those long notes were quite tricky to hold.  The audience seemed to enjoy our music and we had great fun.




In our third  clip, we take part in a music lesson at Grotius and then the action moves to the joint concert in the evening. It was a full house and extra chairs had to be brought in. Grotius appeared first - we really enjoyed watching them sing and play, so did the capacity audience.  Our turn to play came next and Mr Fuller introduced and explained the music we had chosen to play.  We had worked so hard in rehearsals and we were really pleased with our performance.  Watch the video and judge for yourself!  But don't miss the final video where the two bands play together- we rocked!


The MHSG wind band had an absolutely fabulous time in Heerlen with the students of Grotius College.  We loved making music together and the Grotius students were so friendly and welcoming.

In our final video we perform out three favourite pieces together. We made a terrific sound and the capacity audience loved it- and gave us a standing ovation at the end.

Sadly, we return home tomorrow, but we have so much to tell our parents!

Dank u wel, Grotius!


Christmas Concert Manchester

by Jules Luesink 29 Dec 2013 10:12

By Victoria Rohrmoser:

Wir, 11 Schülerinnen des Art-ORGs St. Ursula, hatten im Zuge des Comenius Projekts die große Ehre, für die Aufführung der Weihnachtsgeschichte von Carl Orff, nach Manchester fliegen zu dürfen. Auch den österreichischen Brauch des Anglöckeln’s durften wir den Kindern in den Schulen und Besuchern eines Adventmarktes näherbringen.

Bei den Proben für die Weihnachtsgeschichte lernten wir die Schülerinnen unserer Partnerschulen aus England und Holland näher kennen und freundeten uns schnell mit ihnen an.

Für mich war es eine wundervolle Erfahrung den österreichischen Brauch des Anglöckeln’s an die Schüler weitergeben zu dürfen, Kontakte zu knüpfen und den Schulalltag in England etwas näher kennenzulernen.

Ich bin dankbar dieses Erlebnis gemacht haben zu dürfen und werde es ewig in Erinnerung behalten!

Christmas Concert Manchester

by Jules Luesink 26 Dec 2013 22:52

By Hannah Rabl:

Von Sonntag den 15.12.2013 bis Mittwoch den 18.12.2013 durften wir, 11 Schülerinnen des ART-ORG St.Ursula mit drei unserer Professoren nach Manchester fliegen, um dort den Brauch des Anglöckelns an Schulen und am Adventmarkt vorzuführen und gemeinsam mit Schülerinnen der Manchester High School for Girls und mit Schülerinnen aus Holland im Rahmen des Comenius Projektes die Weihnachstgeschichte von Carl Orff vorzuführen. Die staunenden, strahlenden Kinderaugen und die Freude, mit der wir aufgenommen wurden werden mir immer in Erinnerung bleiben. Besonders aber das gemeinsame Singen und Musizieren am Abend und der Austausch verschiedenster Lieder in verschiedensten Sprachen ist für mich eine unvergessliche Erfahrung gewesen. Vielen Dank an alle, die uns diese schöne Zeit ermöglichten.

Die Weihnachtsgeschichte in Manchester High School for Girls

by Jules Luesink 20 Dec 2013 12:28

The performance of Orff's Weihnachtsgeschichte was a joyous occasion!  St Ursula brought their singers and costumes and were joined by the MHSG and Grotius choirs as well as the MHSG orchestra.

The performance was a huge success and delighted parents, pupils and players alike.

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